Let Me Tell You Once More

Release Date: 15/09/2016

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(Satélite K, 2016)



Mariona Sagarra, voice

Raül Costafreda, guitar amb art co-production

Marc Vila, percussion and efects

Marina Albero, piano

Xavi Lozano, mohoceño (flute)

Adele Madau, violin

Júlia Pérez, cello

Maribel Ribero, bass


When I read Montserrat Abelló’s poetry, it struck me, with its form and essence, as precisely what I wanted to say but, of course, so much better expressed!!! Her concise words are so sincere and full of true feelings, lived emotions and real colours. "How lucky”, I thought, “that I can express myself with absolute freedom and with the voice of a woman, in the broadest and most beautiful sense of the word!". Thus the 'Abelló Suite' was born, a collection of poems I would save like little treasures which have allowed me to talk-sing-feel love, desire, Art and commitment... In a word, life.

Montserrat’s every word, every verse is pure sincerity. So much so that many of the songs I have composed for her poems seem to me as though they could only have been expressed in this way. For me, it has been a magical and wholly organic creation. A veritable gift.

But, of course, the greatest gift was, quite a few years ago now, meeting the author of those words woven together with threads of wisdom and having been close to the poet who created such mosaics of love. The affinity was immediate and our esteem grew constantly stronger, a precious mutual understanding and a great admiration on my part as I discovered someone who was so vital and generous and with such a thirst for truth and truths. It was a luxury to have sought and shared a number of performances with Montserrat, in which she would recite her poems as only she knew how and I would sing them to the best of my abilities. What an absolute joy it was doing gigs together!

Thank you, Montserrat! I feel so fortunate to have been so close to you.


Revised excerpts from the text written for the Riba Roja d’Ebre Catalogue (July 2014) dedicated to Montserrat Abelló.

With this selection of poems, Raúl Costafreda and me, we have relived conversations and complicity with the poet.

Mariona Sagarra

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Album Tracks

  • Voldria escriure

  • Copa de passió

  • Caminar ciutat endins

  • El temps

  • M'asseuré

  • Aquest somriure adust

  • M'ha tocat escriure

  • Deixa'm tornar-te a dir

  • Visc i torno a reviure

  • Som solidàries

  • El desig

  • Cada nit un poema

  • Evening

  • De nostàlgies i crits

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