Maram Trio SONOS

By: Mariona Sagarra





Mariona Sagarra, voice

Marina Albero, salteri

Marc Egea, viola de roda


As a meeting point for instruments of particular beauty, and for the important musical experience of its members, the MARAM TRIO combines mediaeval, baroque and contemporary sounds, songwriting, individual compositional and improvisatory skills, electronics... everything under the name of Sine Mare Nihil. ____________


There is no international model, "style", "genre", that defines musical research and experimentation. Labels such as "world music" refer to the stylistic fusions, not to the personal risk involved in the creation of a whole new vision, a new poetic or imaginary universe. But it is not essential to think of intelligent industrial or electronic music when people speak about experimentation in the Mediterranean area, every rupture, every evolution, every moment of crisis, is in relation to its own tradition. The fact is: in any new composition, the more fearless it is, the more it enriches our heritage. This is not an archeological project.



Without the sea there is nothing. Around the seas, cultures are born that create instruments to express themselves. In fact, the most ancient of these instruments have sonorities that nowadays can seem more incisive and emotionally evocative than the so-called traditional instruments. For example, the psaltery, the hurdy gurdy and, naturally, the voice. The relationship between these instruments and electronics, with its ability to modify a sound, along with improvisation, opens the door to new sonic universes and, indeed to risks that in the "real life" would be rather dangerous but in the sensual and spiritual world are highly stimulating.

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Let Me Tell You Once More

By: Mariona Sagarra - Release Date : 2016-09-15