Children’s workshop

By: Mariona Sagarra




The singer and composer Mariona Sagarra invites us to talk about poetry we find in our day to day, the sounds of the words that we say that they exist, that we invent and the poets who have written. Recited with our body and our breathing, we compose music, dancing at their own pace and listen to their silence. The poem and tell him to look for other outlets, other solutions other words. We will play with sound understandable, the incomprehensible, the onomatopoeic, everything that our voices can offer.

Project Fundació Caixa Fòrum: +info


Schools have been saying and make us hear their creations on their blogs. Beautiful compositions, it is always a pleasure, thanks a lot!

CEIP Mediterrani Tarragona

Escola Orlandai Barcelona

Escola Rosselló Pòrcel Barcelona


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