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UN PATUFET QUE SONA Mariona Sagarra, voice, musical creation and adaptation of the popular tale + Perico Pastor, Animated illustrations and projected of the whole story (cd Self edited, 2015) The story of PATUFET is a tale known by all of us, is family, and this time our little protagonist will walk us through other cultures, other playful and mischievous sounds. He is our friend, Patufet, who always wants to know new things. The PATUFET QUE SONA (A Patufet that sounds) is a proposal based on the traditional Catalan tale directed to the little ones of the family with the voice of the singer and musical creator Mariona Sagarra and the animated illustrations, always suggestive of the painter Perico Pastor that will thresh some songs that the children and Girls probably already know and other sounds where vocal improvisation and sound richness make Patufet a small-big boy with a lot of life and curiosity.     .



(infantil) El més petit de tots

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(L’Auditori – benecé. 2008) .. Musiciens and performers: Mariona Sagarra: Voice,, loops, percussions Marina Albero: psalterium, vibraphone, Glockenspiel Eduard Iniesta: laghouto, tzouras, mandola, voice Ferran Conangla: ambient sounds, mixed and mastering Viviane Calvitti: dancer Musical creation and artistic direction: Mariona Sagarra . Three musicians perform a repertoire consisting of traditional Catalan songs and contemporary music creating,  with the help of recorded sounds, sound effects designed especially for babies. Meanwhile, a dancer with a big rag doll shown to the public several actions that all parents can do with their child while listening: swaying, pamper, make lap games, massages, etc. This DVD is a tool to facilitate the musical activity with the family and from an early age (for babies from 3 to 10 months). Every music, every action and every sound environment have been specially selected to promote a good positive effect of music on children. … Programa de mà EL MÉS PETIT DE TOTS


Solo veus project

By: Mariona Sagarra - Release Date : 2013-10-28

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